With tears streaming down my eyes, I drove away from Albany after celebrating my brothers 21st. Even though we only live 5 hours away, I will never get to spend enough time with him. That morning we went for a coffee (to attend to his new found desire for the drink) and spoke mainly of the future; his desire to vlog and mine to blog. Excitement grew as we spoke of living in Melbourne, travelling, following our passions in life. His inspiration motivated me, at that point in time, to finally write this blog.

This was a month ago.

I could make some form of comical excuse, but lets save us both the effort. I had higher priorities.

My journey over the past few years has been one of rapid educational and personal growth at which I’m positive many people would benefit from reading about. My experience comes from successfully solving my own health issues through pure curiosity and a determination to fix any ailment that would make me function any less than ideal. I’m yet to discover why I am like this but I’m not complaining!! All I want is for you to know that there may be an answer, an explanation for what’s happening to your body, your mind, or to at least provide you with a step in the right direction.

So to those who have asked, my intention is to educate you on the mind of a twenty-something aussie girl, offer different perspectives, and to provide hope for those who feel they have none. So be gentle, it’s my first time!

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